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Gargantuan Gallery of Geeky Goodness: Comic-Con 2008 [05 Aug 2008|11:06am]

I've finally finished putting together my huge photo gallery of the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con. For those of you who were unable to attend, this should be the next best thing - roughly 350 photos (17 pages) of convention highlights. And if you didn't come this year, you had better make some plans to attend next year!
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Riding on a bicycle through Los Angeles in the middle of the night. [23 Jul 2008|11:08am]
Here's some video footage I took from our recent "Crank Mob" ride with Los Angeles' "Midnight Rydazz" this past weekend. Hundreds upon hundreds of people riding all over the city in the wee hours of the night... can't wait to do it again. And now I'm heading on down to the San Diego Comic-Con. This is definitely what I would call a good week.
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WORD UP, HONKEY [21 Dec 2007|10:57am]



WE CAN DANCE! WE CAN DANCE! [02 Nov 2007|08:20am]
Here I am, dressed as Count Pop dancing my Halloweeny ass off with my buddy Tom (aka: Werewolf Pop).

Taken from the photo-adventure story here:

Also, hope some of you caught the Zombie Walk that I was asked to help organize for a special Halloween episode of CSI:NY that aired on the 31st! If not, you can watch it online and you'll see Re and I in there in several spots! (most notably around the 6:45 mark in the episode)

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MY SPLATTRAX and an ANNIVERSARY! [30 Oct 2007|04:07pm]
I just recorded a Splattrax for the 1988 remake of "The Blob". Check it out!

In other news, it's my 8th anniversary with Re. 8 YEARS! Don't we get an award or something for that?
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"Monsterize" your name with my Monster Initial Sticker name generator [19 Oct 2007|11:08am]
Created this Monster Initial generator based on some long-forgotten stickers from the early 70's. Thought you guys would like to try it out:

Click here to "Monsterize" your own name.

[16 Oct 2007|10:56am]
Re just finished her first big oil painting... check it out!

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A little Viggo to brighten your day [30 Sep 2007|04:44pm]
I just made this lil' GIF animation for Re.

Viggo is a badass.

As if I didn't already have enough reasons to love this game [28 Sep 2007|03:42pm]
Geometry Wars Galaxies for the Wii was one of the best games I tested out at the Comic-Con. The multiplayer mode is absolutely badass, not to mention you can transfer games from your Wii to your DS via WiFi so you can play it on there too. How cool is that?

And now they've embraced lolcats with their new ad campaign:

On a related sidenote, one of the girls from my Upright Citizens Brigade improv class is in the commercial on the web site. It was pretty funny spotting her in there.

Ok, that's all for now. Bring on the weekend.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption [10 Sep 2007|01:18pm]
John and I played this thing 'til about 2am on Saturday night. This game is badass and seriously makes you never want to use a standard controller to play a 1st-person shooter ever again.

And now, I must return to more Halloweeny work on the site. You stay classy, LiveJournal.
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I've been working on putting this thing together since we got back from Comic-Con and our friends left town and now it's finally done. 14 pages long and almost 300 photos all from the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con. If you didn't attend the convention this year, this should almost make you feel like you did:


Hope ya like it! Also, please help the story out and "Digg" it if ya can:

Digg this story!

We're moving! [25 Jul 2007|10:10am]
Back to Virginia!

Haha, just kidding.

With our lease expiring next month, Re and I wanted to get a new place. Our current apartment is in a real nice location but it's a long commute to work. Now anybody who's lived here or knows anybody who's lived here will tell you that finding an apartment in LA can be really hard. Not quite as hard as getting one in NYC, but it's right up there.

So we were looking for weeks with not much luck... places were either too expensive or they were in areas where we were likely to get stabbed if we went outside to get the mail. Fortunately, we stumbled onto a place in West Hollywood listed on Craigslist and quickly contacted the guy to arrange a viewing. We immediately liked what we saw. The place is on the top floor of the building, has hardwood floors and lots of sunlight (something our current place is lacking, if you ask me). What's extra cool about this place is that every unit in the building is a condo, the various owners have customized the units to their liking. In our case, the person knocked down one of the walls and made a ridiculously huge walk in closet. You could practically much throw down a mattress in this thing and call it another room (Re, this does not mean you can fill it up with more shoes). There's a washer & dryer in the unit itself, another rarity for LA. The previous owner also installed Bose surround sound speakers in the walls and left them there, so that'll be pretty nifty once we get that hooked up with the TV 'n all. It supposedly comes with free basic cable too, but I'll believe that when I see it.

One of my favorite things is that the place has roof access where you can go up and get an amazing view of the city, sit in the lawn chairs and have a barbeque too. It's insanely cool at night to be up there.

The best thing about the place, though, is that it's one block away from where Re works. She can literally walk to work every day now instead of killing 2+ hours a day for a commute in the car. That's just something that does not happen in LA... everybody has some kind of a commute here, so we got really lucky. She'll have more time to work on her own art stuff after work and we can meet up for lunch all the time... or she can come home for it! That's gonna rock so hard. We can also sell off the 2nd car now... the old Honda Civic from '93 which is still running somehow even with the 180,000+ miles on it and having drove us across the entire friggin' country. That car has definitely earned its retirement.

So yeah, we're really excited about the new place and can't wait to be all moved in. The landlord is really nice and even gave us our keys over a week in advance (our lease doesn't begin 'til August 1st) so we can move some of our smaller things in early. That's proved to be a huge help because the San Diego Comic-Con is coming up this week and we're going down there for a long weekend. Then after that, Jason and Macon are coming to visit us for about 5 days. So yeah, it's gonna be one hell of a busy month between all of that and moving into the new place.
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Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel... [20 Jul 2007|12:18pm]
It's like "Deadliest Catch", but far less interesting. Behold!

Ice Road Truckers!

Me + Upright Citizens Brigade! [16 Jul 2007|11:31am]
I haven't really told anybody about this until now, but I've just completed a two-month course of long-form improv with the Upright Citizens Brigade. Click here for details about what I was doing along with the improv show we put on last night!
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What's that you say? [27 Jun 2007|10:00am]

I had to record this promo spot about 5 times because my voice was apparently fucking up their speakers and they had to keep lowering the volume. Good times!

Watch my appearance on Coin-Op TV Live! [25 Jun 2007|11:18am]
For those of you who missed the live show last night, it's now up on thestream.tv for your viewing pleasure. It was a lot of fun being their guest and all the people from the Coin-Op TV crew are all really nice.

I appear on the show right at the 20 minute mark. Hope ya enjoy it!

I-Mockery's appearance on Coin-Op TV Live:
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Come out this Saturday night [13 Jun 2007|10:30am]
Re’s first solo art show at the Hyaena Gallery is coming up this Saturday (June 16th) and I couldn’t be more excited for her because she really deserves it. I can’t even begin to tell you how much work she’s put into this show, but you’ll understand when you see it all. We’re gonna be loading up the cars tonight to bring all of the artwork over to the gallery.

If you’re anywhere even close to Los Angeles, I urge you to come out and see the show. The opening reception goes on from 8pm - Midnight this Saturday night. There’s no cover charge to get into the gallery, there’s always some free snacks and most importantly… you’ll get to see all of this amazing artwork that she’s been busting her ass on for so long. She’ll have original paintings, Giclée prints, posters, comic books and more for sale at the show… something for everybody no matter what your budget is.

And no, this is not some snooty wine & cheese art gallery that you have to dress up for. In addition to Re’s artwork, the gallery has all sorts of cool toys, magazines and novelties for sale. So yeah, as long as you don’t show up naked, you’ll be aok. Actually, you probably could show up naked and nobody would mind. It is L.A. after all.

Naturally, I’ll be at the show all night as well. After all, yours truly did almost all of the framing for the artwork that will be on display. I used to work full-time in a frame shop and I still wield a mean point gun. So by all means come meet me and say hey!

The Artwork of Marie Barr
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 16th.
8pm - Midnight
1928 W. Olive Ave.
Burbank, CA 91506

Oh and by the way, if you don't come to the show, this is how you'll make Re feel:

Can you really live with that guilt?
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How to use the Three Seashells! [18 May 2007|11:14am]
We've just has created an illustrated instructional guide which finally answers that age-old question from the movie Demolition Man: "How does one use the three seashells?"

Also included is a printable version of the guide for you to hang up in public restrooms, so please do your part and print out some copies to hang up! If you do hang the guides up, send me photos so I can put them up on the site.

How To Use The Three Seashells:

Only in L.A. [01 May 2007|09:03am]
Re and I went out late last night for a walk around downtown Burbank and who do we run into? Jay Leno. He didn't have any camera crews with him or anything, he was just out on his own going for a walk apparently. While I'm not into his humor, it was still very surreal running into a big celebrity like that just out for a casual stroll.

Only in L.A....
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This is why I moved out here... [19 Apr 2007|09:24am]
Getting to see shows like this is just too cool.


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